Success Stories from the Canadian Pronunciation Coach

As a pronunciation coach, my work begins with correcting vowels and consonants and the pronunciation of occupation-specific language. But it moves into helping clients find the “music” of English for more effective communication, including dynamic and engaging presentations. My clients’ successes are my successes. So I want to share two that are particularly dear to my heart.

The first is of an Ecuadorian client who came to me frustrated because of how often she was being asked to repeat herself. She was savvy and confident of her expertise in all things related to the Finance sector. But although she spoke English fluently, she wasn’t being taken seriously. After working together for several months, she contacted me so excited because not only had she cancelled her current insurance plan but she had renegotiated a better one, all over the phone without once being asked to repeat herself. Her confidence had sky-rocketed, and she ready to move forward with her ambitions.

The other story is of a Japanese client studying at a medical college. She was a hard worker and her academic studies were going well. Married to an Anglophone, she had lived in the US then Canada for many years, but she was having trouble making herself understood in her practicum work with patients, and would sometimes provide instructions using inappropriate language, to the embarrassment of all.

We worked to improve her pronunciation of workplace vocabulary, rephrase inappropriate language, and add colloquial English along with the intonation and rhythm needed to clarify instructions and make her patients comfortable. We reinforced her learning using role-playing with me as the patient. She contacted me just a few months ago telling me not only had she passed her written exams but she had passed her clinical exams with flying colours, and was now fully registered.

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