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What's the 1st thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I take a minute to give gratitude to the universe and pray.

Where do you draw your strength from to start your day ? is it a book you read, prayer, meditation, yoga, self-reflection..etc …

I stand in sunshine for 2-3 minutes and absorb the positive energy coming from the sun rays and then meditate for 15  minutes. I like to make a cup of coffee and sit in my backyard observing nature and its beauty as it gives me perspective.

A part of your morning routine?


Do you make a goal checklist each day or are you driven by your vision for the business.

I like to set the goals at the start of the week and then follow thru…

Do you work from home or do you wait until you get to the office to start work each day?

I work from my home studio and love what I do so it does not work for me.

How many meetings do you schedule each day? Do you set a target for daily meetings?

I try to keep it to 2 meetings a day at the most. I find that way I am able to connect effectively without rushing.

What tasks take up most of your day? How much time do you designate for marketing?

Client projects & Professional updates. My learning mode is always on. I normally invest 2- 3  hours/day in marketing related activities.

Describe a regular, normal day in your business journey?

A typical day starts with emails and business updates leading into client shoots or client meetings and ends up with professional development courses.

Describe the most productive day you have had so far?

Most productive day for me is when I have accomplished 99%  of tasks assigned for the day . I am able to achieve it 80% of times.

How often do you attend business networking events ? or general events?

I make sure to attend at least  1 networking event every week and a few more business meetings every week.

Do you normally take breaks during your workday?

yes  1 (one) 10 minutes walk every  2-3 hours keeps me fresh and focused.

What time do you end your workday?

A usual workday ends at around  7 pm.

How important is family life for you? And do you get to give time to enjoy with the family?

Family is one of the most important pillars in my life. I make sure to spend one on one time with my daughter every day. In our business, we are a husband and wife team so we do get to spend a lot of time together. I especially enjoy my evening walks with my wife where we get to unwind.

How important are friends to you? And do you designate time to spend with friends?

Friendships are very important for me as an individual. I make meaningful friendships that are long-lasting. I am always connected with them on social media and try to meet up with friends once a month in person.

What is your advice for an entrepreneur who is just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Find your PASSION, go behind it with full POWER and PROFITS will flow !!