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  1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
    Usually, to be honest I check my phone, review emails and important messages as well as review my schedule for the day.
  2. Where do you draw your strength from to start your day? Is it a book your read, prayer, meditation, yoga, self reflection,….etc.
    Self-reflection and meditation are a major part of how I get my day off to a good start. It’s important for me to constantly be evaluating the decisions I’ve made when it comes to not only my work but my family life in order to make the necessary adjustments I need to continue being the best version of myself in all aspects of my life.
  3. Is coffee a part of your morning routine?
    I love my coffee, I can’t function without my coffee in the morning.
  4. What time do you start your work schedule in the morning?
    It depends on the day and what’s on my schedule but a typical day for me regardless of if I have something to do or not starts at 7am.
  5. Do you make a goals check list each day or are you driven by your vision for the business?
    I am mostly driven by my vision for the business. When it comes to goals I do have a 5yr, 10 yr plan etc that  then dictates my day-to-day.
  6. Do you work from home or do you wait until you get to the office to start work each day?
    I work at home mostly. But with the way businesses are today, nothing stops so sometimes that means working in a variety of places other than just the office.
  7. How many meetings do you schedule each day? Do you set a target for daily meetings?
    I don’t set a target. It varies from day to day and are scheduled based on what is necessary to achieve our weekly milestones.
  8. What task takes up most of your day? How much time do you designate for marketing?
    At the moment being in the developmental phase of our business we tend to spend an equal amount of time on all areas of the business. Especially because of the type of business we are starting, marketing is a key part of our business strategy to generate growth. We have therefor contracted a third party company to strategize and manage a marketing plan for us.
  9. Describe a regular, normal, day in your business journey?
    Check emails, review messages, check the financial news. I speak with my business partner several times throughout the day depending on what is going on.
  10. Describe the most productive day you’ve had so far?
    I strive to make everyday a productive one. As a young entrepreneur in the process of launching a new business venture it is very critical to ensure our monthly, weekly and daily milestones are met.This is the only way we will achieve a successful and timely launch of BriteSpace offices first of many locations.
  1. How often do you attend business networking events? Or general business events?
    I never put a cap on networking, networking events are a great way of letting your peers learn more about your business and it provides the opportunity to meet key players that can help take your vision to the next level. It’s even more important in the early stage of a new business venture. With the mass majority of BriteSpace office’s clients being other businesses, this makes networking events very important to attract new clients.
  1. Do you normally take breaks during a work day?
    It never seems like there’s enough time in one day to get everything done. It also is never a healthy decision to purposely skip a break or meal. However, there has been many days where time flies by and by time I realize I haven’t taken a break it’s already late in the evening.
  1. What time do you end your work day?
    As a co-founder and a senior executive of BriteSpace offices, I wear many different hats. As much as I would love to set a hard stop to my work days, if there are items that need to be addressed then it has to be dealt with. So to answer your question, some days it is 6pm and others it could be as late as midnight. That type of dedication is a must when striving to grow a successful business.
  1. How important is family life to you? And do you get to give time to enjoy with the family?
    Family is very important to me,  it’s the only reason why I wake up every morning and why I work so hard. I make it an effort to spend quality time with my family either by doing simple things like a movie night or a walk in the park. When my schedule allows for it, we love to travel and see this beautiful world we live in.
  1. How important are friends to you? And do you designate time to spend with friends?
    My friends are just as important. Al ot of my friends, I’ve known since childhood, they have grown to be my extended family. We’re in the stage of our lives where we are raising families so I try to see them as often as possible.
  1. What is your advice for an entrepreneur who is just starting their entrepreneurial journey
    Believe in your dreams and yourself, even when others may not. Stay focused and dedicated to your goal and most importantly, the road to success is never a straight path, as an entrepreneur you need to learn from past mistakes, and never get deterred even when you hit a bump along the way.