1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
    Every morning starts the same way. Feed the cat, make a pot of coffee, walk the dog. Coffee with my wife and discuss our plans for the day. After years of going out the door before anyone was up to commute downtown, morning coffee with Ann is truly a blessing!
  1. Where do you draw your strength from to start your day? Is it a book you read, prayer, meditation, yoga, self reflection,….etc.
    I read scripture every morning. The Bible in One Year app is awesome! 3 or 4 times a week after the morning routine, I go for a run. ( before coffee if my schedule does not allow me the time!)
  1. Is coffee a part of your morning routine?
    A resounding YES!!!
  1. What time do you start your work schedule in the morning?
    It varies but I usually have administrative work to start most days around 8:00 AM. I do not usually book appointments before 10:00 AM
  1. Do you make a goals check list each day or are you driven by your vision for the business?
    I do not have a “daily goal” but I often have a “to do” list from the previous day to deal with.
  1. Do you work from home or do you wait until you get to the office to start work each day?
    I do work from home to start. Many days I get my admin. done in my PJs before I jump in the shower to get ready for my first meeting or appointment.
  1. How many meetings do you schedule each day? Do you set a target for daily meetings?
    It varies. Some days I go from morning to night. Other days might not have a meeting until that evening but I am always working on something!
  1. What task takes up most of your day? How much time do you designate for marketing?
    My most time-consuming task is preparing to see a client. Depending on the situation, this can take minutes or hours. Marketing sometimes fills gaps in my schedule. It is not a priority for me.
  1. Describe a regular, normal, day in your business journey?
    No day is the same! To summarize, I am either making appointments, preparing for appointments or at an appointment!
  1. Describe the most productive day you’ve had so far?
    Tough question! I have different ways to be productive. Sometimes the most profitable days were not my most productive. I stress more about “non-productive” days!
  1. How often do you attend business networking events? Or general business events?
    I have done a fair bit of networking over the past 2 or 3 years. It is gruelling! I tried to go to everything for a while but I am being more selective now to make better use of my time.
  1. Do you normally take breaks during a work day?
    Absolutely! When you work from home, your spouse just assumes you have time to cook, clean and run errands! So when I need a break, there is always something to do!
  1. What time do you end your work day?
    I try for 4:30 or 5:00 PM but if I have an evening meeting, I try to schedule it for after the dinner hour.
  1. How important is family life to you? And do you get to give time to enjoy with the family?
    Yes, my schedule reflects my value on family time. Never book a meeting on a Friday night and almost never on the weekend. (unless it is the only way to see a client)
  1. How important are friends to you? And do you designate time to spend with friends?
    Yes, friends are important. I will book days off in the summer to play golf with some of them. Not as often as I would like but often enough, according to my wife!
  1. What is your advice for an entrepreneur who is just starting their entrepreneurial journey?
    Best advice? Believe in yourself and in your vision!