2005 was a breakthrough for Grace's business.  That was the year she decided to become a full-time entrepreneur.  She started with the little knowledge she had from her Dad who was an entrepreneur and who owned his own business for over 20 years.  After she has completed 2 career cycles (one in Lebanon and one in Canada) she decided it was time for her to leave the corporate world and focus more on fulfilling the dream of establishing her own business.  She started by going back to College and completing an Honours Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting.  In 2007, She acquired her Microsoft Certification as a trainer, and she started teaching evening courses in Business Applications; while during the day she focused on starting her own business.  The result of 13+ years of her hard work as an entrepreneur has been OSBN® and HUDDLESPACE™.


Tahira Bharmal is a Canadian, born in Kenya with South Asian heritage. She is a Success Coach with her own practice, Authentic Factor. Tahira works with men and women from culturally diverse backgrounds to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs.  She has lived in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kenya and now Canada. Tahira has been a part of the corporate world for 10 years and now works with organizations invested in their people, both professionally and personally, as a coaching consultant.  She is also the Co-Founder of Mentors Consult, an online membership-based site that strives to inspire growth mindset communities. Tahira is an advocate for positive change in gender issues, parenting, education, and personal growth.



Andrew is a serial entrepreneur fueled by passion, curiosity and an appetite for learning. He fell in love with the sales profession because he loves to meet new people, and it was not too long before he realized that the more he puts into it, the more he gets rewarded. He enjoys working with individuals and companies to help them implement a sales strategy suited for their business. Andrew is the owner of Emperor Beard, an e-store that sells grooming products for men. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys health and fitness, attending live sporting events and browsing YouTube.



Tanseer is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a Business Mentor operating under Access2Canada and Easy Access Consultants Inc.  Tanseer holds two Master degrees, one in English Language and Literature, and the other in History and Archaeology.  Tanseer is now a Certified Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC) and has a passion for service,  the reason that made her spend so many years in the academic world.  Tanseer works collaboratively with individuals that have the interest to immigrate and settle in Canada. Further to that she assists in their settlement process to enable newcomers and international students to start their education and careers in Canada.  Tanseer is the founder of My Fem World Inc, an Entrepreneur, Immigration and Business Mentorship practice with over 20 years of experience. She passionately assists women and immigrants in their settlement process.



Ravi is the founder of Glimr Media and Lionscape Films, two companies that came out of his creative need tell stories and capture them on film. Although he started his career shooting weddings almost every available weekend, his current passion for branding, creating social media content and helping businesses grow their market share has grown exponentially. He loves meeting new people and thrives in new environments. Outside his business interests he loves health and fitness, technology, and producing video content just for the heck of it. He has also created a couple youtube channels in his spare time which he hopes to grow in the coming years.