Ben Manion

We all 'geek out' on something

We all indeed have passions in life, geeking out is one's passion showing.

Kaoutsar Entifi

Gourmet Macarons by RepChampion Canada Made Their Way to Oscar Winners and Nominees.

Sweet and savoury gourmet macarons, inspired by traditional French recipes, were featured in Hollywood swag bags of 50 Oscar winners and nominees during the 2019 Oscar weekend.

Gina Bello

The Elevator Ride

There is so much more to consider regarding why and how we get stuck at various points in our lives, specifically with how we take in information via all of our senses. Who we really are at the core—a spirit, which attracts to us similar to the thoughts we have, to what we feel, and the energy frequency that it emits (and it’s ALL energy), must adhere to the Universal Law of Attraction. Therefore, we must become aware of what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling and how we are being and doing to ensure we match the frequency of what we want to manifest for ourselves.

Norma Trivino

Latino Immigrant Achieves the Canadian Dream

With unparalleled charisma, Israel launched his garage door business with determination, business acumen and leadership...

Phyllis Cohen

Success Stories from the Canadian Pronunciation Coach

As a pronunciation coach, my work begins with correcting vowels and consonants and the pronunciation of occupation-specific language. But it moves into helping clients find the "music" of English for more effective communication, including dynamic and engaging presentations. My clients' successes are my successes. So I want to share two that are particularly dear to my heart. The first is of an Ecuadorian client who came to me frustrated because of how often she was being asked to repeat herself. She was savvy and confident of her expertise in all things related to the Finance sector. But although she spoke English fluently, she wasn't being taken seriously. After working together for several months, she contacted me so excited...

Fazeena Haniff

Planting Seeds

I started my business in 2016. Like most people who leave a traditional 9-5 career and go out on their own, I had no clue the kind of challenge I was in for. Not only is there so much to learn, having to be and do every function in your business, but mindset -- that's a whole other ballgame.

Grace Nasralla

The OSBN Story

Opportunities opened and big sponsors were interested to join as presenters. The credible history OSBN has built makes it now among the leading small business networks and for that I am thankful.