OSBN® Profile Page

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I start my day with Gratitude to the God and I try and focus on being blessed for the day. After the regular, brush your teeth etc, I head downstairs to prep lunch for my daughter and breakfast while I have a glass of warm water with lemon.

Where do you draw your strength from to start your day?
My strength comes from my faith - I believe everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be will be. I also draw strength from wanting to be the best version of myself and live my best life with kindness, love and generosity.

Is coffee a part of your morning routine?
Some days. I am trying to cut it out of my routine, but some days coffee is a must!!

What time do you start your work schedule in the morning?
I start my work between 9:30am and 10:00am!

Do you make a goals check list each day or are you driven by your vision for the business?
Depends on what I have going on for the week. I do like to spend my Sunday evenings setting out what I need to accomplish for the week and make a to-do list. I try and go through my list and knock things off. On days that I am not feeling inspired, I turn to my vision for the business to fuel me up and use that headspace to be creative.

Do you work from home or do you wait until you get to the office to start work each day?
If I have no trainings and meetings scheduled then I work from home.

How many meetings do you schedule each day? Do you set a target for daily meetings?

It varies according to what I have happening for the week. When I am in trainings, I do not have time to set up meetings. I do not set a target for daily meetings.

Which task takes up most of your day?
My day is a mix bag of: client calls, program/training creation; and reading/researching.

How much time do you designate for marketing?
I like to allocate half a day in the week to work on marketing so I can stay on top of it.  Some weeks, I spend multiple days on marketing.

Describe a regular, normal, day in your business journey?
Sourcing out a potential client, sending an email or making a call to a client. Submitting a proposal. Setting up a meeting to discuss more of what the clients requirements are. Developing a training module. Keeping up with industry trends. Attend meetings that have been scheduled. Delivering training and development to clients.

Describe the most productive day you’ve had so far?
hmmm!! That is hard because I have had quite a few - I can tell you when I feel most productive - it is when I have a day to be creative and innovative with my content creation for the trainings. I love those days - it allows me creative freedom and I feel like an artist with a blank canvas - sort of like the world is my oyster!

How often do you attend business networking events? Or general business events?
Twice a month. I believe in building relationships so I focus on attending networking events with the same group(s) as much as possible. I do also like to attend conferences, workshops and events that have a learning aspect to them.

Do you normally take breaks during a work day?
Yes!! Multiple mini-breaks!

What time do you end your work day?
I try to end my work day by 3:30pm so I can spend time with my daughter. If there is work to be done or meetings scheduled for later, I re-start working at about 6pm and normally like to end by 9pm. (I am trying to do less of these !)

How important is family life to you? And do you get to give time to enjoy your family?
Family time is extremely important for me. It is one my top three reasons for choosing to be an entrepreneur so I can spend quality time with my family and create special memories. I do try very hard to enjoy my time with the family - so if we are doing something as a family - I am not working on that day unless absolutely necessary and that too - I will restrict it to email only.

How important are friends to you? And do you designate time to spend with friends?
Friends are a key support system for me. My friends keep things in perspective for me and also keep me grounded. I do try to designate time to spend with them, sometimes this is more difficult given our schedules, so we end up doing a lot of impromptu meets. (I am lucky to have friends who know my dislike for planning on the social side of things).

What is your advice for an entrepreneur who is just starting their entrepreneurial journey?
Be flexible, know what you want to achieve and more importantly why, but be ready to adapt to changes on the journey. Also work on having systems in place to make the running of your business smoother and keep the discipline going. Consistency and perseverance are key to your success!!