OSBN® is an Ontario small business community where Small Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals may join and meet to create a network of connections, increase leads, and market products and services.  OSBN®’s business social media platform and OSBN® Group are driven and guided by its Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers listed below.

Terms and Conditions

OSBN® platform is made available for businesses that can legally operate in the province of Ontario, Canada.  Entrepreneurs, professionals with entrepreneurial mindset and prospect business owners are also welcome to join.


This platform is guided by our Corporate Code of Ethics.  Spam, and mass marketing will not be tolerated on OSBN® platform, we will deal with all notifications from our members should that occur.


We encourage our members’ to advise us if they get spammed, and accordingly, spammers accounts will get suspended and removed from this group.  Hard selling tactics and all kinds of aggressive selling tricks on OSBN® platforms will result in account suspension. Personals, dating and all kinds of obscenity and/or profanity accounts will get suspended.  Any businesses or organizations trying to promote religion, politics, sex, cults and occults or any type of spirituality on OSBN® will get suspended. Any references to illegal acts or substances or harassment of any kind, will also cause an account to get suspended. All businesses outside Ontario will be subject to membership fees, and all members with incomplete profile will get suspended. We do apologize, but no kids are allowed during OSBN® events. OSBN® did not incorporate plans to accommodate kids during professional and/or business functions.

e-presence Consultants Inc., as founders of OSBN®, reserve the right to accept or decline any business proposal that does not seem to match with OSBN® code of ethics or serve OSBN® business purposes.


“Sponsors” are valued partners of OSBN® and OSBN® will adhere to the following rules when dealing with them:

– Only one sponsor within a specific business industry gets highlighted during one event.  Any advertising material or announcements, by another attendee belonging to the same business industry as the event sponsor, are not welcome and the issue will get addressed with the attendee who had placed the advertising material or have taken the liberty to make the announcement without running it through the event organizer. It is up to the discretion of the event organizer to find the best way to deal with the situation; preserving the right of the sponsor to have sole advertising privileges during that sponsored event.

– Sponsors will get the business listing of businesses that have attended the event. By attending the event you grant e-presence Consultants Inc. and it’s OSBN® brand the right to share your business card information with the sponsor(s) of that specific event that you have attended.
– Sponsors and speakers may give out handouts to the attendees.


e-presence Consultants Inc. will not be responsible for spam emails or spam mail as a result of posting your email address and or your physical address on this website.  e-presence Consultants Inc. reserves the rights to update these Terms & Conditions without prior notice to OSBN® members. e-presence Consultants Inc. also reserves the rights to choose the type of advertising placed on this website.  Any advertising that is not considered “self advertising” added by any business will immediately get removed. e-presence Consultants Inc. also reserves the rights to send OSBN® free members and OSBN® Wired members platform tutorials, updates and promotional mailings that advertise e-presence Consultants Inc’s services and/or that advertise sponsors and/or paid advertisers products and services on all websites founded, created and operated by e-presence Consultants Inc.


OSBN™ Wired members are members that pay a set annual fee in order to gain full access to OSBN® platform along with discounts to Events.  OSBN® Wired members also get to contribute post jobs and join opportunities to get highlighted on the network.  OSBN® Free membership, OSBN® Wired Membership and all other add-on memberships are only made available to small businesses that operate under the laws and bylaws of the province of Ontario, Canada.


Refunds for OSBN® Wired Memberships and all other add-on memberships are only applicable during the first month of registration for each specific membership.  All refund requests for the different memberships that have exceeded their first month of membership registration will not get accommodated as per this refund policy.


OSBN® platform, OSBN® Social media groups and all e-presence Consultants Inc websites are maned by actual people, without the use of automated monitoring.  Any breaches to the above Terms & Conditions will result in Account Suspension.  If at anytime members feel that OSBN® does not work for them and/or they feel that they are in disagreement with OSBN®’s Terms and Conditions, members have the option to delete their accounts by visiting “Account Settings”.


OSBN® will be offering Membership options to OSBN® users.  There will always be free membership that will provide basic services. There will also be one (1) paid membership packed with benefits and different options of paid add-on memberships offering advanced marketing tools to users.  All Memberships will offer marketing tools that aid small business owners create visibility for their business.

At one point one of the Membership benefits was to tell their business story on video.  All video footage, final production and pictures taken during OSBN® events are the property of OSBN®.  OSBN® reserves the right to use the footage library for e-presence Consultants Inc, all its brands (OSBN® & HUDDLESPACE) for marketing purposes.  All final productions will get uploaded to OSBN® and/or HUDDLESPACE™ channel(s).  All public use of these videos will have to go through OSBN®’s channel.

Disclaimer of Content

Ontario Small Business Network (OSBN®) was founded by e-presence Consultants Inc and is a division of the e-presence Consultants corporation. OSBN® is the trademark name of Ontario Small Business Network.  e-presence Consultants Inc are not responsible for any content added or business transactions done by any of the listed businesses on this website ( or any of e-presence Consultants Inc.’s business services website.  All member account subscribers are responsible for their own content and each member account subscriber is solely responsible for any connections or transactions done by them through Ontario Small Business Network website.

The opinions expressed and/or services and products promoted on this website or during OSBN® events and/or meetups or on OSBN® website are those of the individual that presents them and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Ontario Small Business Network (OSBN®) nor of e-presence Consultants Inc. 

Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability

OSBN® promises to always be available for the small business and function to the best of its abilities, but OSBN® are dependent on 3rd parties for (parts of) its hardware, software, and infrastructure required to run the OSBN® service. We cannot and do not make any guarantees with respect to the availability of OSBN™ 24/7.  Nor do we and/or our suppliers and licensors make any warranty that OSBN® will be error free or that access thereto will be continuous or uninterrupted. We hereby disclaim all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

OSBN® subscribers fully agree to use OSBN® at their own risk. In no event will OSBN® and/or e-presence Consultants Inc., or its suppliers or licensors, be liable with respect to any subject matter of these Terms under any contract, negligence, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory for: (i) any special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to viruses transferred as a result of downloading infected files shared by other users; (ii) the cost of procurement or substitute products or services; (iii) for interruption of use or loss or corruption of data. OSBN® and/or e-presence Consultants Inc. shall have no liability for any failure or delay due to matters beyond their control. The foregoing shall not apply to the extent prohibited by applicable Ontario laws and bi-laws.